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Reading Lists

Paper I

X-ray and EM

 “Biomolecular Crystallography” by Bernard Rupp (preferably 2 nd Edition) Garland Science ISBN 978-0815340812  “Outline of Crystallography for Biologists” by David Blow Oxford University Press, ISBN 978-0198510512  “Crystallography Made Crystal Clear” by Gale Rhodes Academic Press ISBN 978-0125870733  Milne JL, Borgnia MJ, Bartesaghi A, Tran EE, Earl LA, Schauder DM, Lengyel J, Pierson J, Patwardhan A, Subramaniam S. Cryo-electron microscopy–a primer for the non-microscopist. FEBS J. 2013 Jan;280(1):28-45. doi:


 Kühlbrandt W. Cryo-EM enters a new era. Elife. 2014 Aug 13;3:e03678. doi:

10.7554/eLife.03678  Yong Xiong (2007) From electron microscopy to X-ray crystallography:

molecular-replacement case studies. Elife. 2014 Aug 13;3:e03678.

Paper VI

HT 2020: Protein Purification

  • ‘Methods in Enzymology’ volumes 22, 34, and 104 are devoted to techniques of protein purification.
  • ‘Protein Purification Methods: A Practical Approach’ IRL Press, Eds ELV Harris and S Angal