Thank you for considering audiotags!

Before you start, please let me introduce to you some great features of bookdown:

  • use left and right arrow keys to navigate to the previous/next page
  • click the “font” (big “A”) button on the top-left and change to a serif font if you happen to hate sans-serif fonts as I do.
  • If you believe that serious stuff must be rendered by LaTeX as I do, there is a LaTex-rendered PDF for you to download (click the download button on the top)
  • If you love to read on a Kindle, there is also an epub output (click the download button on the top).

Examples in this manual

If you want to run the examples in this book:

  1. clone the repo and navigate into it
  2. create src/
  3. all examples, unless otherwise specified, can be copied verbatim from this book to src/ and run with cargo run (if you’re reading it online, the copy button wil show if you hover over a code block)